MBDA reports revenue boost
MBDA reports revenue boost

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MBDA reports revenue boost

The European missile house saw revenue rise 3% in 2018, to €3.2bn, as order intake slipped 4%, to 4Md€.

MBDA revenue rose 3% in 2018, to €3.2bn, continuing a series of similar increases reported in the two preceding years.

Order intake was down 4%, at €4bn, in the third successive decline since orders peaked at €5.2bn in 2015. The order book — which increased 4%, to a record €17.4bn — is progressively achieving a more even balance between domestic and export orders.

On the export side, 2018 was marked by weapons contracts for the Typhoons ordered by Qatar. Doha also placed an order for the Marte ER anti-ship missile. South Korea ordered a second batch of Taurus cruise missiles.

On MBDA's home markets, highlights of the past year included a PEA preliminary design studies award for development of the ASN4G missile that will replace the ASMPA air-launched nuclear missile. The company also booked a major contract for development of the next-generation MICA NG air-to-air missile. France, Italy and the UK extended Aster missile support contracts, while Spain signed a contract for Taurus missile support.

The Franco-British Future Cruise/Anti-Ship Weapon (FC/ASW) programme continues to move forward. The programme, currently in the concept phase, successfully achieved its “Key Review” at the start of 2019. A risk reduction contract is expected at the end of the concept phase in 2020, followed by the development and production phase in the 2024 timeframe. In the course of the year ahead, MBDA also anticipates significant progress on the MHT programme, a derivative of the MMP ground combat missile destined to equip Standard 3 of the Tiger combat helicopter.

Looking further ahead, discussions continue between France and Italy to enhance the capabilities of the SAMPT system and the Aster missile. Preliminary work is also ongoing on development of next-generation air defence missiles. MBDA is also involved in Europe's two major future air combat programmes. MBDA UK is participating in the UK's Tempest programme, while MBDA France and Germany are working together on the Franco-German FCAS/SCAF programme.

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