MBDA presents Sky Warden, a modular anti-UAV system
MBDA presents Sky Warden, a modular anti-UAV system

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MBDA presents Sky Warden, a modular anti-UAV system

On the occasion of the IDEX exhibition, held in Abu Dhabi from February 21 to 25, MBDA unveiled its approach to the fight against UAVs, through the Sky Warden system.

Fight against UAVs.

MBDA took advantage of the IDEX show to unveil its Sky Warden system, which meets the needs of the forces in the fight against UAVs and can respond more globally to aerial threats. Based around a C2, this solution allows the integration of different detection, identification and neutralization systems, offered directly by MBDA or by partners.

Modular approach.

In view of the evolution of the UAV market, and therefore of the threat represented by these systems, MBDA has decided to adopt a modular approach. Designed according to the "plug and play" concept, the Sky Warden system makes it possible to integrate different capabilities within a C2, depending on the operator's needs, in order to guard against the UAV threat, ranging from mini-UAVs to tactical UAVs. Various neutralization capabilities are already offered by MBDA, which can be integrated into the system. A radio frequency jamming system, developed by Keas, can be integrated, as well as the Cilas directed energy laser or a directed energy system, developed by Teledyne e2v, which enables communications between the UAV and its remote control to be interrupted. Short-range ground-to-air neutralization systems can also be plugged into the C2, such as missiles or machine guns. Various detection capabilities are also offered by MBDA, including Saab's Giraffe radar and Cerbair's passive radio-frequency detector. An HK UAV can also be integrated within the C2 for optical detection, as well as an electro-optical sensor. Finally, the entire C2 can be integrated into a vehicle to guarantee the system's mobility.


"Sky Warden capitalizes on MBDA's know-how in the segment of the engagement process, system integration and the different categories of effectors, as well as their future developments," said Eric Béranger, CEO of MBDA. The C2 Sky Warden can represent a complete UAV countermeasures solution or be integrated into a broader air defense architecture.

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