MBDA launches a new air defence system
MBDA launches a new air defence system

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MBDA launches a new air defence system

On the occasion of Euronaval On Line exhibition, MBDA announces the integration of the Mica NG anti-aircraft missile into its VL Mica defence system.

Version NG of the MBDA Mica missile

MBDA has just widened its air defence system VL Mica to the version “New Generation” (NG) of the missile which will be available in series in 2026. The integration of the Mica NG is possible thanks to an unchanged external dimensions despite a "completely new design". The current systems will be able to be carried to the standard VL Mica NG by “simple software updates”. On the other hand, it integrates “a new matrix-sensor-based infrared seeker head with increased sensitivity and a new Active Electronically Scanned Antenna (AESA) will enable intelligent strategies of detection” states MBDA.


More range for missile

He pursued: "Due to the reduction in volume of the electronics, the MICA NG will carry a larger quantity of propellant, significantly increasing the missile's range. A new dual-pulse thrust will thus be able to re-energize the missile at the end of its flight to increase its manoeuvrability and its ability to intercept targets at great distances. When fired from the surface, the MICA NG will be capable of intercepting targets beyond 40 km. Finally, maintenance and ownership costs will be significantly reduced thanks to internal sensors that will allow the weapon's state of health to be monitored throughout its life".


The ability to deal with atypical targets

Thanks to the new innovations that it integrates, the new system VL MICA NG offers enhanced capabilities to deal with atypical targets (UAVs, small aircraft), and also to deal with future threats, characterized by infrared signatures and electromagnetic always more reduced. In addition to this, “classical” targets such as planes, helicopters, cruise and anti-ship missiles, which already dealt by the current VL MICA, will be able to be intercepted to a longer distance. “ The full compatibility between the two generations of missiles will enable armed forces to combine them with their existing systems and to maximize the benefits on their investments”, concluded Eric Beranger, president of MBDA.

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