MAKS 2019: VR-Technologies and KrasAeroScan cooperate in drone field © Russian Helicopters

| Alexandre Rocchi

MAKS 2019: VR-Technologies and KrasAeroScan cooperate in drone field

On occasion of the MAKS 2019 Air Show, the Russian industrialists VR-Technologies and KrasAeroScan signed a cooperation agreement.

On August 28, Russian Helicopters announced its innovation design office VR-Technologies partnered with the company KrasAeroScan for the development and the serial production of the VRT30. The two companies have decided to combine their know-how to set up a new version of the VRT30, able to operate in a complex environment and extreme climatic conditions such as in Russia. The VRT30 will be able to conduct missions in Eastern Siberia, the Far East and the Far North, details Russian Helicopters.

Though, this agreement does not seem to only encompass the VRT30 since Russian Helicopters stated the two manufacturers will have to cooperate “for the development of technologies of unmanned aerial systems use in the energy, oil and gas, construction, forestry, agricultural, machine-building and utility industries.”

Dmitry Chanchikov, Director General of KrasAeroScan, is confident regarding the future of the VRT30 and its encouraging capacities. “For successful market penetration, the product, first, should have a quality payload for remote sensing of the earth and, second, be a reliable aircraft that can operate in harsh climatic conditions. Very few companies are able to create a vertical take-off and landing UAV with a desired payload that can be used in the turbulent terrain, low temperatures and sudden wind gusts.”

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