MAKS 2019: Phazotron develops a Ku band multifunction radar for UAVs © DR

| Yannick Genty-Boudry, Moscow

MAKS 2019: Phazotron develops a Ku band multifunction radar for UAVs

Phazotron has developed a multifunction radar working on Ku band for UAVs weighting 35 kg.

The Russian electronic group Kret now gathers most of the technological tools of avionics, electronic warfare and radar. Because of the security context, Kret do not exhibit any of its equipment at the MAKS Air Show anymore. Though, the analyzation of the recent scientific publications and of the companies’ newspapers enables to observe the dynamism and the often original approaches of the Russian scientists.

Thus, in order to optimize the chances to export the Mig-35, Phazotron has developed a new Aesa radar with a range of 170 km — the Zhuk AE-AR. Most of all, Phazotron developed, in cooperation with the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, a multifunction radar for UAVs of 35 kg working in Ku band and not in X band as its Western competitors. With its weather modes, the radiolocalisation, altimetry and GMTI, its SAR imagery capability of a range of 80 km could reach a resolution of 25 cm. The use of the Ku band should enable it to resist to most of the NATO jamming systems.

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