Major expansion of the Marcel Dassault Airport
Major expansion of the Marcel Dassault Airport
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Major expansion of the Marcel Dassault Airport

Planted in Châteauroux in the region Centre-Val de Loire, the Marcel Dassault Airport wishes to amplify its industrial vocation with a new hangar and a new control tower.

The region Centre-Val de Loire has decided to speed the development of the Marcel Dassault Airport at Châteauroux. The aim is to support the strengths of the platform: aircraft storage and dismantlement at end of life cycle as well as maintenance. Also known for the way it facilitates aircraft technical tests and pilot training (runway of 3,500 m, cleared spaces, no curfew, etc.), the airport Marcel Dassault wants to develop its industrial vocation by having a new hangar of big dimension and a new control tower. Named “The Lighthouse”, the tower will size 42 meters high. The State takes part to the funding with $3 million. On the other hand, the region Centre-Val de Loire takes the prime contract for the hangar named “The Cathedral” because of its dimensions (38 meters high and a surface of 8,540 square meters). This makes it capable to host the biggest aircraft in the world. Only 22 structures structures with the same capacity exist in the whole world. The hangar will be available for aircraft manufacturers, airlines or industrialists for painting, maintenance or aircraft conversions activities. The Marcel Dassault Airport already encompass several companies working in the maintenance field and related activities: ATE (aircraft painting), Dale Aviation (maintenance), Egide Aviation (light aircraft and helicopters maintenance), Veolia and Vallair (aircraft dismantlement and recycling).

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