Magnetic MRO launches Kuala Lumpur
Magnetic MRO launches Kuala Lumpur
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Magnetic MRO launches Kuala Lumpur

Magnetic MRO launches strategical expansion in South-East Asia. New office in Kuala Lumpur will bring the company’s Total Technical Care solution to regional operators.

Magnetic MRO opens a new office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The MRO service provider is focusing on a strategical expansion in Asia and specifically in the South-East region. “Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing market in aviation. Having well-established operations in Europe and being already present in the Chinese MRO market, it is a natural decision to start the development in yet another direction – South-East Asia”, says Inga Douglas, Chief Commercial Officer at Magnetic MRO. Indeed, the company is already present in the Chinese region with an office in Guangzhou. The Malaysian office will thus focus on developing new customers and partners in South-East Asia providing technical training, engineering and DOA solutions for regional aircraft operators and maintenance organizations. Magnetic MRO offers scheduled and AOG aircraft spare parts supply as well as a range of services such as line maintenance, engine and asset management, aircraft teardown and transition management or PBH programs. Inga Douglas concludes: “ we might also consider launching Heavy Maintenance or Aircraft Painting facilities in the region – either on our own or in cooperation with local partners.”

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