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Lufthansa reveals future Business Class
Lufthansa reveals future Business Class
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Lufthansa reveals future Business Class

Lufthansa has unveiled the Business Class concept developed for the 20 Boeing 777-9s which the carrier will receive from 2020 onwards.

Lufthansa has unveiled its new Business Class concept, to be rolled out on the carrier's 20 Boeing 777-9s, the first of which is scheduled to arrive in 2020.

The airline is taking advantage of the 10cm extra cabin width vs. current-model 777s to increase the comfort level for passengers. For instance, all passengers in the new Business class will have direct access to the aisle. This is made possible by a 1-2-1 and 1-1-1 seat configuration. The current Business Class cabin features pairs of seats next to the window.

The new seats also provide customers with a significantly increased amount of personal space, more privacy, as well as generous storage compartments and flat surfaces. Depending on their personal needs, passengers can choose between a number of spatial configurations. For instance, they can choose to have an extended-length bed or a seat with twice as much desk space.

The new seat is the key element in the new cabin. The carrier says it was developed with the goal of facilitating the best and soundest sleep. In the flat position, the bed offers a length of up to 220cm (86.6 inches). The back rest has been specially designed for side-sleepers, allowing the shoulder to sink in and keeping the spine straight.

Over 500 customers gave inputs during the development phases. Privacy and an optimum of comfort for sleeping emerged as two of the most important needs of passengers on international routes.

The new Business Class will also be setting standards from a technological point of view. Thanks to digital interfaces, all the functions of the seat as well as the in-flight entertainment system can be controlled using the passenger’s personal device.  Smartphones and tablets can be recharged at the seat using wireless technology.

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