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Lufthansa cleans up its Airbus and Boeing fleet
Lufthansa cleans up its Airbus and Boeing fleet
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Lufthansa cleans up its Airbus and Boeing fleet

The aim is to reduce the number of long-haul aircraft models within the group's global fleet by 2025, in order to obtain significant savings in terms of training and maintenance operations.

The Lufthansa Group has decided to clean up the long-haul fleet of the various subsidiary airlines. The goal: to reduce the number of aircraft models by 2025 to obtain substantial savings in the areas of flight and technical training, operations and maintenance. At Lufthansa, the 17 Airbus A340-600s and the 13 Boeing 747-400s still in service will phased out. Not to mention the fleet of 26 A340-300s at Lufthansa but also at Swiss, Edelweiss and Brussels Airlines. As for Lufthansa Cargo, the MD-11 will be replaced by Boeing 777 Freights. The Brussels Airlines Airbus A330-200s, which will keep only the A330-300s as well as the Austrian Airlines Boeing 777-200s and 767-300ERs, should also be phased out. The Lufthansa Group has ordered 45 Airbus A350-900s (including 20 last March) and 20 Boeing 787-9s as well as 20 firm Boeing 777-9 with additional 14 options. The first 777-9 is still expected for the second half of 2020.

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