Lithuania is interested by Black Hawk helicopters © Lockheed Martin

| Alexandre Rocchi

Lithuania is interested by Black Hawk helicopters

The Lithuanian armed forces will replace their Mi-8 helicopters.

On October 18, the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense announced the Mi-8 helicopters would be withdrawn from service. Negotiations for the acquisition of a replacement platform will start and focus on the purchase of U.S. helicopters UH-60M Black Hawk. Indeed, Lithuania is seeking to provide its armed forces with helicopters able to conduct search and rescue missions, complementing the Dauphin rotorcraft already into service, and able to take part in NATO missions.

Lithuania is willing to purchase six helicopters UH-60M Black Hawk. The Ministry of Defense hopes the contract will be signed during 2020 so deliveries could start from 2024.

Black Hawk Mi-8 Lithuania Lockheed Martin

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