Liebherr on the Boeing 777X
Liebherr on the Boeing 777X
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Liebherr on the Boeing 777X

Liebherr-Aerospace supplies components for the folding wing tip system as well as electronic components of the main gear steering system, the power drive unit and the hydraulic motor of the Boeing 777X.

The Boeing 777X just performed its first flight on January 25, 2020. The opportunity to recall Liebherr-Aerospace’s scope of supply to the Boeing 777X (-9 as well as -8) includes the folding wing tip system, the trailing edge actuation system as well as the power drive unit and the hydraulic motor for the leading edge actuation system of the aircraft. The company also supplies the main gear steering control unit and the nose gear steering position transducer. With such a mission, it is not surprising Liebherr-Aerospace received the “Supplier of the Year” award from Boeing, last October.

“In order to test our technology we built a brand new building in Lindenberg, Germany, that hosts a system test rig featuring one full size wing of the airplane. In this rig, we test for example the worldwide largest gear rotary actuator for application in commercial aviation”, commented Klaus Schneider, Managing Director at Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg.

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