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Liebherr and ATR sign a global maintenance contract for the ATR42/72-600 © ATR

| Alexandre Rocchi

Liebherr and ATR sign a global maintenance contract for the ATR42/72-600

Liebherr and ATR have recently signed a ten-year contract for the supply of components, repair and services invoiced per hour for the ATR42/72-600 fleet composed of over 300 aircraft.

The new air system designed and manufactured by Liebherr-Aerospace will enter into service next year within the aircraft family ATR42/72, after two years of development. The regional transport aircraft program will benefit from this system which offers more comfort to the passengers and the crew while considerably reducing the operation costs.

ATR commits for ten additional years with Liebherr-Aerospace for the supply of products and complete services for its fleet, as part of the global maintenance contract (GMA); Liebherr-Aerospace will carry out the maintenance for the operators that directly signed a contract with ATR. The support services will be performed by the service centers of Liebherr-Aerospace in Toulouse, France, which is the center of excellence for air system, as well as in Singapore and Saline, Michigan, USA.

Liebherr will also include predictive maintenance services to enhance airline support, reducing discontinued operations, optimizing complete spare equipment needs and storage strengthening the ability of fleet’s technical support through in-depth knowledge of the component behavior. As a equipment manufacturer, Liebherr-Aerospace will develop an algorithm perfected allowing to analyse the new air system data, relying on its know-how and knowledge of products and systems.

Not only Liebherr-Aerospace provides the new air system but also the cabin pressurization system and the anti-icing valve for the ATR program.

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