Leonardo discloses his last-generation Spartan
Leonardo discloses his last-generation Spartan

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Leonardo discloses his last-generation Spartan

Leonardo’s C-27J Next Generation enters the final testing phase. This new aircraft, who will be delivered to an undisclosed customer in 2021, has new equipments, new avionic systems and Advanced Aerodynamic Devices which will improve Leonardo’s performances.

New avionic systems

C-27J’s main innovation is the new avionic system, to comply with the Next Generation Air Traffic Control requirements, including FANS 1/A+ datalink; TCAS 7.1; ILS Cat.II; enhanced video TAWS.

Other modifications includes new weather radar ; enhanced satellite communications and radio communication capabilities ; and a new intercommunication system.


Fins at the wing tips

The twin-engine is equipped with IFF/ADS-B mode 5, tactical vertical navigation VNAV, and Search and Rescue mode. In addition, old avionics interface boxes and general systems have been replaced by new equipment by Leonardo Electronics. Finally, ailerons improve the aircraft's aerodynamics and fuel consumption.

The new basic configuration is also offered as a refurbishment for current operators who want to upgrade their C-27J fleet capacities, which currently concern 14 countries. This military transport aircraft can carry up to 5 tonnes of cargo in the hold or 34 passengers. It can also accommodate around 20 stretchers in Evasan (medical evacuation) configuration.


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