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Ka-32 for firefighting in Turkey
Ka-32 for firefighting in Turkey
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Ka-32 for firefighting in Turkey

Three Ka-32A11BC were delivered to Turkey to be used in firefighting.

Russian Helicopters Holding Company delivered three multipurpose helicopters Ka-32A11BC to Turkey. Contracts were signed with KAAN Air (Turkey) in July 2018 for the delivery of the three Ka-32A11BC multipurpose helicopters. The rotorcraft will be used for firefighting.

“Right now Turkey is interested in expanding its fleet of firefighting aircraft, and Rostec intends to continue developing its cooperation with Ankara in this field. We estimate the current Turkish market for this type of helicopters as several dozens of machines”, said Viktor Kladov, Director for International Cooperation and Regional Policy at Rostec.

The Ka-32A11BC multipurpose helicopter is designed to perform complex firefighting operations, special search-and-rescue and high altitude construction operations, to transport cargo inside the fuselage and on the external sling, to log forest, transport patients and evacuate injured people.

The rotorcraft was designed according to a co-axial scheme and has no tail rotor. Ka-32A11BC has a high load lifting capacity up to 5 tons of cargo on the external sling. The assigned service life of Ka-32A11BC is extended to 32,000 hours.

The firefighting version of Ka-32A11BC can be equipped with various fire extinguishing systems, including Bambi Bucket and Simplex type, as well as a horizontal firefighting system. The Russian manufacturer states: “The helicopter is capable of extinguishing flames on the highest floors of high rise buildings and on oil-and-gas industrial facilities.”

The Ka-32A11BC helicopter is EASA certified and meets FAR-29 and AP-29 standards. It is being used in Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Spain, Canada, Kazakhstan, China, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, South Korea and Japan.

The main field activity of KAAN Air is delivery and after-sales support of helicopters as well as a wide range of transportation services from air taxi and VIP transport to environmental monitoring and fire extinguishing.

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