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JetBlue selects Thales’ AVANT IFE for its Airbus A220 © Airbus

| Alexandre Rocchi

JetBlue selects Thales’ AVANT IFE for its Airbus A220

The U.S. airline JetBlue has decided to continue with Thales selecting the new AVANT IFE to equip its future Airbus A220 aircraft.

Already a client of Thales which has deployed live television on its Airbus A320 in the early 2000s, JetBlue has selected the onboard multimedia system or Thales’ AVANT Android IFE for its future Airbus A220-300 aircraft which first copies will be delivered in 2020. Thales’ new system is equipped with high capacity servers and locally stored content. The IFE is integrated through the onboard connectivity system. The french manufacturer specifies : “Every seat on the A220 aircraft will feature the latest 10” high definition (HD) screens with picture-in-picture functionality, custom connected applications, audio-and-video-on-demand, and personal device pairing to offer personalization and more entertainment options than ever. USB and AC power will also be available for every customer to keep their devices fully charged.”


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