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Jet Airways celebrates International Women’s Day
Jet Airways celebrates International Women’s Day
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Jet Airways celebrates International Women’s Day

Jet Airways celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD) on 8th March by operating flights with an all-women crew. The Indian carrier was one of several to have had the idea, Brussels Airlines being another.

Jet Airways' flights 9W301 / 9W302 between Mumbai and Delhi were operated by women pilots and cabin crew. Similarly, the airline’s evening flights from Delhi to Mumbai 9W361 / 9W362 was serviced by an all women cockpit and cabin crew.

In addition, every aspect of these flights was managed by an all-women crew from a cross section of the business, including engineering, ground handling, cargo, ramp and airport services. The technical services were attended by women aircraft engineers, technicians and flight dispatchers; while the non-technical work on the ground was handled by women duty managers, counter staff, security officers, and cargo personnel.

Jet Airways is supporting four non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working on a range of women’s issues by conducting its unique inflight fundraising drive between March 7 and 21, 2016, on all domestic flights.

The benefits of these inflight collection proceeds will be transmitted to four NGOs namely - Seva Mandir, one of India's leading development NGOs in Udaipur focused on the inclusion of women in family and community decisions through their programs; Smile Foundation aimed at the empowerment of women and adolescent girls from marginalised sections; Mijwan Welfare Society that works towards education, employment, self-reliance and sustainable development of women; and Save The Children India, an institute working towards the empowerment of adolescent girls, personality development, employability and life skills training, which prepare them for jobs.

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