Jazeera’s LEAP-1As entrusted to CFM for $1.3 billion

| Alexandre Rocchi

Jazeera’s LEAP-1As entrusted to CFM for $1.3 billion

CFM International will support the LEAP-1A engines that power the Jazeera Airways’ fleet of Airbus A320neo aircraft and provide spare engines.

Jazeera Airways signed a long-term Rate Per Flight Hour (RPFH) agreement with CFM International. The engine manufacturer will support Jazeera Airways’ fleet of 20 Airbus A320neos powered by LEAP-1A engines. The agreement worth $1.3 billion at list price provides for maintenance services on a dollar per engine-flight-hour basis. CFM also guarantees five LEAP-1A spare engines to Jazeera Airways.

Jazeera Airways became the first LEAP-1A-powered A320neo operator in the Middle East in May 2018 and currently operates four A320neo aircraft. The fleet has since logged more than 6,000 flight hours. The airline also operates nine CFM56-5B-powered A320ceo aircraft.

Jazeera Airways Leap-1A CFM International

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