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Japan's first A380 coming together
Japan's first A380 coming together
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Japan's first A380 coming together

Sections for the first All Nippon Airways A380 have arrived in Toulouse. Final assembly is set to start next month.

The main sections of the first A380 for Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) have arrived at the Airbus final assembly line in Toulouse via a special convoy, with six subassemblies - the nose, central and aft fuselage sections, the tailplane, and the two wings.

ANA Holdings placed a firm order of three A380s in 2016, becoming the first customer for the superjumbo in Japan. The first delivery is scheduled early in 2019, and the A380 will initially be operated on the Tokyo-Honolulu route. ANA’s A380s will feature a special “Honu” Hawaiian green sea turtle livery, symbolising good luck and prosperity.

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