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JAC gets Japan's first ATR 72-600
JAC gets Japan's first ATR 72-600

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JAC gets Japan's first ATR 72-600

Japan Air Commuter had converted one of its nine orders for the smaller ATR 42-600 to the 70-seat version. The aircraft will become the first ATR 72-600 to operate in Japan.

Japan Air Commuter Co. Ltd (JAC) has taken delivery of its first ATR 72-600 following the conversion in June of one of its nine ATR 42-600 orders to the larger 72 version. The aircraft will have a 70-seat configuration.

ATR says the up-gauging of this order reflects the -600’s ability to effectively open and grow routes with the lowest possible risks, thanks to its 40% fuel burn advantage over Bombardier's turboprop rival.

JAC's first ATR 42-600 entered service in early 2017. JAC has already taken delivery of five ATR 42-600s and it will now introduce the first ATR 72-600 in Japan. The ATR 42 and 72 share a single type rating and 90% of spare parts.

Based in Kagoshima Airport, JAC provides essential public air transport for 1 million passengers annually between the Amami Islands and Western Japan.

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