Italy and the UK cooperates on the Tempest
Italy and the UK cooperates on the Tempest

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Italy and the UK cooperates on the Tempest

During the DSEI , the United Kingdom and Italy have announced the industries will cooperate on the Tempest program.

During the DSEI, which takes place in London from September 10 to 13, Leonardo has announced the Italian and British industries will work together as part of the Tempest program. The British companies BAE Systems, Leonardo UK, Rolls Royce and MBDA UK will thus collaborate with Leonardo Italy, Elettronica, Avio Aero et MBDA Italy in order to develop new air combat systems, one being the Tempest program. The two partners will “work together to define an innovative concept and partnership model which will include knowledge sharing, product definition and technology development for the joint development of future combat air systems”, specifies Leonardo.

The two parties have signed a Statement of Intent, following a commitment from both UK and Italian governments to increase their combat air capabilities. In addition to an increased cooperation for the development of the Tempest project, Italy and the UK will potentially pool their competences for the management of the F-35 and Typhoon fleets, even though no details have been communicated regarding this additional cooperation.

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