Indonesia set to order A400M airlifters
Indonesia set to order A400M airlifters
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Indonesia set to order A400M airlifters

The Indonesian government is reported to have approved funding for the acquisition of Airbus A400M military transport aircraft. According to local media, Jakarta is set to order five A400Ms for transport and utility missions. The total cost is estimated at $2 billion, which presumably would include support and other services.

The order does not come as a surprise – defence minister Ryamizard Ryacudu had announced plans to buy a small number of A400Ms in May 2016. Indonesia would become the second export customer for the aircraft, after Malaysia, which has received three of its four aircraft and whose experience with the aircraft may have positively influenced the Indonesian decision. The Indonesian Air Force already operates Airbus CN235 and C295 light/medium military transport aircraft.

Reports indicate that Indonesia wishes to assemble three of the aircraft locally. Cooperation between Indonesia and Airbus or its predecessor companies goes back decades. The CN235 was jointly developed and produced by CASA and Indonesian Aerospace (ex IPTN), and the Indonesian manufacturer has also been approved to produce the C295 under licence.

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