India, UK discuss defence partnership
India, UK discuss defence partnership
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India, UK discuss defence partnership

U.K. defence secretary Sir Michael Fallon visited India last week (11th – 14th April), meeting with his Indian counterpart Arun Jaitley as part of the 2015 Defence and International Security Partnership (DISP).

The pair discussed UK-Indian defence industries, upcoming exercises and global security among other topics. They reaffirmed their intent for a stronger, deeper, wider relationship that delivers growth and jobs in the UK and India, improves regional security and supports both nations’ interests globally.

The meeting between the defence ministers marked the inaugural annual UK-India Strategic Defence Dialogue, as laid out in the DISP. The DISP agreed to Capability Partnerships to help collaborate with Indian industry under the Make in India agenda.

The two partners aim to build a range of Capability Partnerships focusing on varied aspects of military effectiveness such as specialised training interactions and exchange of best practices in the following areas – Counter Terrorism (CT), Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (CIED), Air Force Training, Air Total Safety, Aircraft Carriers, Maritime Safety, Shipbuilding and UN Peacekeeping.

The two ministers recognised the potential for further cooperation in defence manufacturing between the UK and Indian companies under the ‘Make in India’ framework. They agreed to extend the current Defence Equipment Cooperation MOU and work towards early completion of an expanded MOU that will provide a platform for the UK and Indian industries to collaborate on and support transfer of technology on projects in areas of mutual interest.

They also welcomed measures to ensure life cycle support of UK-origin defence platforms used by India, which may include setting up joint ventures and other collaborative arrangements.

They also recognised the need for stronger R&D cooperation, including access to Defence R&D training, to enable new technology partnerships across the Defence domain.

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