India: creation of a joint venture for loitering munitions © UVision

| Alexandre Rocchi

India: creation of a joint venture for loitering munitions

UVision announced the creation of a joint venture in India with Aditya Precitech. The new AVision company will be dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of loitering munitions.

At the Defexpo fair held in India from February 5 to 8, UVision announced a joint venture with the Indian Aditya Precitech. This new company, called Avision, will span a large range of activity for Loitering Munitions Systems such as the design, manufacture, sales, maintenance, support, upgrading, and lifecycle management. The company will especially focus on systems already in service and combat-proven under the brand PALM (Precision Attack Loitering Munition) Hero Systems. AVision aims to address the needs of the Indian defense and paramilitary sectors that can implement this type of ammunition drone.



At Defexpo, the two manufacturers displayed the PALM Hero Series of Lethal Loitering Systems package, which includes three systems: the PALM Hero 30 for precision strikes, the PALM Hero-400EC for long-range strikes as well as the PALM Hero-120, a modular, customizable loitering weapon system fitted for a variety of missions. In addition, a simulator was also displayed, allowing the forces to be trained in the implementation of these ammunitions.

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