Huge order of F-16s for Taiwan
Huge order of F-16s for Taiwan
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Huge order of F-16s for Taiwan

Despite China objection, the U.S. have decided to sell fighter aircraft F-16 to Taiwan.

Sixty-six F-16 C/D Block 70 should be sold to Taiwan. That is what reported the U.S. cooperation agency in defense and security field DSCA on August 20. A sale approximately worth $8 billion that includes the aircraft as well as their equipment and the related support and training.

Yet, Beijing protests against this decision. Following the decision of Washington to agree the sale, notwithstanding the clear objection of China, the government of Xi Jinping informed sanctions would be enforced as reprisal. Indeed, Taiwan is considered as a Chinese province by China and is therefore not recognized as an independent state. The sale of F-16 C/D, manufactured by Lockheed Martin, to the government of Taiwan — which is currently operating F-16 A/B — feeds the tensions between the USA and China.

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