Google develops an app for drones
Google develops an app for drones
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Google develops an app for drones

Wing — Google’s drone delivery company — announced the app for drones OpenSky is now available in Australia.

Google knows drone applications will develop and it is a promising market. Through its subsidiary Wing, the U.S. GAFA keeps setting its technologies and solutions to support the stakeholders of the sector. On July 16, Wing announced the application OpenSky was now available in Australia to support drones’ pilots.

This online platform enables to carry relevant and interactive information to the RPASs’ pilots so they can fly respecting the regulation. It aims at permitting to comprehend their flying environment. The application encompasses a codified card depending on the flying areas (banned overflight areas, areas subject to conditions, permitted areas) and was approved by the CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority). “When a drone flyer enters a location, the Australian OpenSky app provides a checklist covering a range of critical factors, including airspace restrictions, known hazardous situations, and proximity to airports and heliports”, explains Wing. Warnings can go off when the RPAS is next to a risky area or a critical environment.

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