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German police to receive three H215 helicopters
German police to receive three H215 helicopters
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German police to receive three H215 helicopters

The German federal police (Bundespolizei) has signed a contract with Airbus Helicopters for the purchase of three H215 multi-role rotorcraft via the purchasing administration of the German Federal Ministry of Interior. The aircraft will be tasked with a number of roles, including maritime emergencies. The helicopters are scheduled for delivery in early 2019.

The Bundespolizei currently operates 19 helicopters of the Super Puma family. The aircraft are flown 365 days a year for a variety of missions: transport of personnel over large distances and under difficult weather conditions, e.g. VIP transport; complex search and rescue missions; and disaster relief operations.

The twin-engine H215 is a member of the Super Puma family, designed to operate in a variety of missions such as aerial work with internal and external loads, law enforcement, medical evacuation, SAR, and humanitarian missions.

Airbus Helicopters claims to have delivered close to 50% of helicopters for law-enforcement missions over the last ten years.

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