GE Aviation reorganises digital business
GE Aviation reorganises digital business
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GE Aviation reorganises digital business

GE Aviation has announced the creation of a digital organization that brings all of the digital expertise from across Aviation into one business. The new digital business will be led by Jim Daily as president and chief digital officer, Engineering and Technology for GE Aviation.

GE Aviation Digital will form its own division within GE Aviation, supporting customer operations using data science, domain expertise and software capabilities to increase productivity and minimize down time.

In addition to bringing an enhanced digital capability to the 35,000 engines that GE Aviation monitors every day, GE and its customers are working together to unlock new opportunities to deliver more productivity beyond traditional services.

GE opened the Middle East Aviation Technology Center in Dubai late last year to support customers’ operations by region. The advancements in data and analytic technologies at the centre are examples of where GE is taking its Predix cloud platform for the Industrial Internet, providing the foundation for new applications that turn real-time operational data into actionable insights.

Consistent with GE's recent announcement establishing GE Digital led by GE’s Chief Digital Officer Bill Ruh, Jim Daily will be responsible for the technology and business growth for the digital platforms and portfolio within GE Aviation. Daily joined GE Aviation in 2011 and will expand his current responsibilities leading Systems and Digital Engineering and Technology to include the role of chief digital officer.

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