Frontex: Falco EVO drone for migratory surveillance missions © Leonardo

| Alexandre Rocchi

Frontex: Falco EVO drone for migratory surveillance missions

Leonardo’s Falco EVO drone has been operated in a Frontex mission for migratory flows surveillance.

The Falco EVO is used in surveillance missions on behalf of the European agency Frontex. On July 12, Leonardo took the opportunity to detail a mission recently carried out in the migratory management framework. The RPAS has been operated to monitor a trawler suspected of transporting migrants. During the operation, the Falco EVO followed the ship and observed the migrants embarking on a second ship. The Italian authorities intervened to intercept the second boat.

While the Frontex Maritime Aerial Surveillance project aims at studying the drone’s contribution in a collaborative context, this mission wants to demonstrate the interest of such a technology, able to stay several hours in the air. Besides, the Falco EVO has performed on June 26 its longest mission, clocking in at 17 hours and 21 minutes. Since it is operated on behalf of Frontex from Lampedusa Airport, the RPAS has already flown for more than 280 hours.

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