France to spend €413 billion on Defence between 2024 and 2030
France to spend €413 billion on Defence between 2024 and 2030
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France to spend €413 billion on Defence between 2024 and 2030

After the "repair", the head of the French armed forces wants to launch the "transformation" of the armed forces, announced Emmanuel Macron during his wishes to the armed forces, on the 118 Air Base of Mont-de-Marsan.

400 billions of euros in credits for the years 2024-2030

The future 2024-2030 military programming law (LPM) to be presented to French Parliament in a few weeks' time will include €400bn in credits (compared to the €295bn planned for the current one, initially covering 2019 to 2025), to which will be added a hoped-for sum of €13bn in exceptional revenue after infrastructure or frequency disposals. The French and Space Air Force will have its share of this envelope, which will notably enable the reinforcement of ground-to-air defence. The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, noted that " even with deterrence, our national territory is not safe " from attacks, particularly on infrastructure, as was the case on several occasions in the Persian Gulf in recent years (the French Air and Space Force has moreover sent resources to help our Saudi and UAE allies). 

Ground-to-air defense: 50% increase in capabilities

The war in Ukraine having reminded us that this component, sacrificed for years, was essential, with a number of launchers and ammunition far exceeding what France is able to field today. Emmanuel Macron has announced a "50% increase in capabilities in all layers", including anti-drone warfare (a major issue in the very short term anyway with the Olympic Games in 2024). Additional purchases will therefore be necessary to reinforce the current Mamba (one section of which is still deployed in Romania), and to replace the Crotale-NGs, which are becoming obsolete. This has not prevented them from being sold to Ukraine, as these short-range systems remain competitive in some cases.

Fighters: switch to all-Rafale fleet

The French army chief also announced a " switch to all-Rafale " which should impact the Mirage 2000Ds, the renovation of which of 55 examples was to make them last until 2035, with the Mirage 2000-5s due to leave around 2027-2028. If this decision was confirmed, it would lead to additional Rafale orders (42 aircraft should already be ordered in 2023) to keep the fleet at a sufficient level, even though compensation for the 12 airframes (and related equipment) sold to Croatia has still not been notified. While the Navy, for its part, has not yet obtained the half-dozen aircraft to regain oxygen: it is difficult to train and intervene with 41 aircraft in the fleet.

Doubling of investments in drones and remotely operated ammunition

The President of the Republic also announced efforts in the areas of drones, remotely operated ammunition, mentioning a " doubling " of investments (almost zero currently for the second). The head of the armed forces also wants to strengthen the space component by making greater use of new space and to improve the capacity for anticipation through a new 60% increase in the intelligence budget, with a doubling of the budget of the DRM and the DRSD. He also reminded many of the importance of the defence of France's overseas territories : an area in which the French Air and Space Force contributes largely with the means deployed, not to mention the ability to reinforce on short notice, with a capacity to project Rafale combat aircraft in less than 48 hours in the Pacific.

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