First transatlantic trip for the Ariane 6 transport ship
First transatlantic trip for the Ariane 6 transport ship
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First transatlantic trip for the Ariane 6 transport ship

Each weekend, a picture that made the news or caught our attention. On January 13, the ship Canopée, which will transport Arianespace's future heavy launcher from Europe, arrived in French Guiana.


Canopée is the future transport vessel for the European heavy launcher Ariane 6, which will be able to embark all stages and subassemblies at once.

It was designed " tailor-made " for ArianeGroup under the direction of Alizés, a joint venture between shipowner Jifmar Offshore Services and naval architects Zephyr and Boreas.

Her construction started in 2020 in the port of Sczezcin, Poland, and her first launch took place in June 2022.

This is a hybrid vessel, which will be equipped by the summer with four articulated wings using the force of the wind.

It is 121 meters long by 22 meters wide, with a displacement of 10 000 t, and can sail at a speed of 17 knots.

It allows the transport of fragile and large packages, as well as navigation in the shallow-draft Kourou River, to access the port of Pariacabo in French Guiana.


Two weeks of travel

After initial sea trials that resulted in seaworthiness certification on December 23 Canopée left Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on December 27 and completed its first transatlantic crossing on January 13 docking at Pariacabo.

" We have just completed a new stage in the Ariane 6 adventure, with the qualification at sea of Canopée, explained Karl-Heinz Servos, ArianeGroup's industrial director. The ship fully meets the program's objectives, which are to reduce costs, shorten production cycles, and reduce our environmental footprint. The success of the sea trials means that we can now begin qualification tests in the various ports that will be used for Canopée. Starting this summer, the ship will load the Ariane 6 launcher intended for the maiden flight, followed by subsequent launchers already being integrated in ArianeGroup's plants in France and Germany. "

Canopée will also be used for the launch of the Ariane 6 launcher.

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