First operational deployment of the British F-35s
First operational deployment of the British F-35s

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First operational deployment of the British F-35s

For the first time, the F-35B took part to an operational mission in the frame of the fight Daesh.

On June 25th, the British Defence Ministry has announced the F-35s took part to the first operational deployment over Irak and Syria. They led their mission alongside RAF’s Typhoons.

This operation was led after a training period conducted in Cyprus. On Sunday 16th June, the first F-35Bs have been operated from the RAF’s infrastructure in Akrotiri, located on the island of Santorin. They got involved in the missions for the international coalition for the fight against Daesh. It seems two F-35Bs have been mobilized to lead an air patrol operation over Syria. In 10 days, a dozen of flights have been performed.

Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier, said: “This first operational mission for the UK’s F-35 Lightning confirms the impressive progress which we have made in introducing this formidable new capability into service.”

As part of the F-35Bs’ step up, the fighters should lead tests in next Autumn with the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

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