First Indian launch of the year
First Indian launch of the year

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First Indian launch of the year

Every weekend, a picture that made the news or caught our attention. On November 7, India placed ten satellites into low orbit using its small PSLV launcher operated from the Sriharikota base.

Main mission

The primary objective of the mission was the stationing of the EOS 01 reconnaissance satellite (formerly called Risat 2BR2). Equipped with an X-band synthetic aperture radar, this 630 kg satellite was built by Isro (Indian Space Research Organization). It is to be used in agriculture, forestry and disaster management support.


Auxiliary commercial passengers

Nine small satellites were also on board, for various missions from low orbit (maritime positioning, technology and Earth observation) and on behalf of three private operators: Kleos (Luxembourg), NanoAvionics (Lithuania) and Speyer (United States).


Eleven months of absence

The launch of the C49 PSLV mission took place on November 7 at 9:41 UTC from the base of Sriharikota, a barrier island located on the east coast of India. It was the first launch carried out by Isro in eleven months, due to the health crisis. The hope is clearly to carry out two more orbital missions by the end of the year, half the total number of orbital missions in 2019.

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