First flights for NH90s to Qatar
First flights for NH90s to Qatar

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First flights for NH90s to Qatar

The first two NH90 helicopters in their tactical transport and anti-submarine warfare versions for the Qatari armed forces made their first flights in Marignane and Venice.

An NH90 contract signed by Qatar in 2018

The first two NH90 helicopters for the Qatar Armed Forces made their first flights on December 15 and 18. One, in its NFH version for anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare, at the Leonardo site in Tessera near Venis; the other, in its TTH version for tactical transport, at the Airbus Helicopters site in Marignane. The flights were mainly focused on takeoff and landing maneuvers, handling, and checking the proper functioning of the various instruments. Qatar has placed a firm order for 28 NH90s in TTH and NFH versions and is scheduled to take delivery of the first by the end of 2021. The schedule calls for the latest delivery in 2025.


427 NH90s in operation worldwide

Nearly 430 NH90s are currently in operation around the world, and the fleet has logged more than 270,000 flight hours in a wide range of missions, including a number in real combat conditions. The number of aircraft on order is now close to 600 units, with new orders from France and Germany. The former has finally delivered the ten aircraft programmed for its Special Forces, while the latter has ordered a second batch of 31 aircraft in the NFH version, after a first batch of 18 aircraft, with deliveries scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022. A new contract worth 2.7 billion of euros.







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