F-35s in Lithuania © USAF

| Alexandre Rocchi

F-35s in Lithuania

For the first time, F-35As of the U.S. Air Force have landed in Lithuania.

On July 18, F-35As of the USAF landed in Lithuania for the first time, reports the country’s Ministry of Defense. The U.S. fifth generation fighter jets landed on Šiauliai’s air base where they were joined by F-15Es and a C-130J Super Hercules.

The U.S. aircraft took part in the air defense exercise Rapid Forge — which aims at practicing air combat maneuvers and reinforcing the cooperation between the different means mobilized on a theater. Several refueling have been performed during the exercise. The aircraft have been deployed over several European countries such as Poland, Lithuania and Estonia as part of the exercise.


F-35 of the USAF.
F-35 of the USAF.
F-35 of the USAF.

C130J F-15 F-35A USAF

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