Evaluation flights in Hungary for L-39NG
Evaluation flights in Hungary for L-39NG
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| Antony Angrand

Evaluation flights in Hungary for L-39NG

Recently, evaluation flights of Aero Volochody L-39NG were conducted by pilots from the Hungarian Gripen squadron flew. After having bought L-39 and having rent L-159, Hungary could buy L-39NG

Three evaluation flights

The second flight prototype of L-39NG, the MSN7004, land in hungarian Air base Kecskemét on November 17th, 2020. During the next days, a Czech-Hungarian team made three evaluation flights. “Our well experienced pilots flew with the L-39NG and their impression of the aircraft was very positive. The L-39NG is a good and modern training aircraft with a great potential for the future” declared Chief of Hungarian Air Forces General Nandor Kilian.


From Gripen to L-39NG

First, there was an introduction of the aircraft on the ground and pre-flight preparation. Then two flight instructors from the Hungarian Gripen squadron flew the aircraft in the rear cockpit for instructor and Maj. Tibor Molnar also completed a flight in the front cockpit,” declared David Jahoda, the Aero Vodochody test pilot, who was in charge of the presentation of the jet to hungarian pilots.


Previously, L-39 and L-159

Historically, Hungarian Air Forces appreciates Aero Vodochody jets : from 1993 to 2009, Hungary had L-39 Albatros squadron, and from 2007 to 2010, they trained their pilots on rented L-159.

In September 2020, L-39NG has been certified to the new supranational military standards (EMAR 21 and EMACC) by the Military Aviation Authority of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic.


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