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Etihad signs up for Boeing Wind Updates
Etihad signs up for Boeing Wind Updates
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Etihad signs up for Boeing Wind Updates

Etihad Airways is introducing the Boeing Wind Updates solution to increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption of fleet operations. The subscription-based service relies on real-time information on wind data and related conditions to improve in-flight airplane performance, thus optimizing flight operations by flying the most efficient routes possible. 

More current and accurate weather data is expected to reduce fuel consumption for Etihad Airways by an average of 200-400lbs (90-180kgs) of fuel per flight.

Boeing says the solution is available for all Boeing and Airbus aircraft with Aeronautical Operation Control (AOC) datalink auto-load functionality. Real-time data is delivered directly to the Flight Management Computer.

Flight crews have continuous access to the most accurate information for their amended flight trajectory. The system automatically selects the best data for descent, which is sent to the flight deck 30 minutes prior to top of descent.

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