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Electric aircraft: Scandinavia speeds up
Electric aircraft: Scandinavia speeds up
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Electric aircraft: Scandinavia speeds up

Finnair signed a letter of intent with Swedish manufacturer Heart Aerospace for 20 future electric regional aircraft ES-19. Wideroe is interested in the electric version of the Tecnam P2012.

ES-19: a Swedish four-engine 19-seater

Finnair has signed a letter of intent to acquire up to 20 ES-19 regional aircraft under development by Swedish aircraft manufacturer Heart Aerospace. The ES-19 is equipped with four propellers driven by electric motors. The airline says the possible purchase of the ES-19s could be part of its carbon neutrality plan to 2045. Presented in March 2020, Finnair's plan is to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2025 and gradually reach zero emissions by 2045.


Nordic Network for Electric Aviation

The letter of intent on ES-19 regional aircraft is also part of the development of electric aviation in Scandinavia, a project led by the Nordic Network for Electric Aviation (NEA), of which Finnair has been a member for two years. The NEA brings together airlines and airports in the Nordic countries, including SAS, Air Greenland, Icelandair and the airport management company Swedavia Airports. The NEA network is working on the standardisation of electrical technology and infrastructure.


Tecnam and Rolls Royce in Norway

Norway is also active in electric regional aircraft. The regional airline Wideroe has just joined forces with Rolls Royce and its partner Tecnam to develop the P-Volt, an all-electric passenger aircraft that could be used on the Norwegian market from 2026. The P-Volt is based on the Tecnam P2012 Traveller 11-seater aircraft. Rolls-Royce also has an existing strategic partnership with Tecnam to develop the modified Tecnam P2010 aircraft with the H3PS1 propulsion system, the first parallel hybrid-electric propulsion system for general aviation launched with Rotax in May 2018.

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