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EBACE 2017: Airbus adds helicopters to Corporate offering
EBACE 2017: Airbus adds helicopters to Corporate offering
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EBACE 2017: Airbus adds helicopters to Corporate offering

Airbus Corporate Helicopters is targeted at private and business customers, based on quality finish, craftsmanship and bespoke service.

Airbus Helicopters has launched its high-end Airbus Corporate Helicopters (ACH) brand at EBACE 2017 in Geneva.  ACH will build on the company’s existing Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) brand, which was recently extended to include the re-engined A330neo.

Airbus has been reorganising its business avation-related activities in recent months. The former Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC) was downsized last year following the slowdown in the high-end bizjet market. The recently launched Airbus Interiors Services (AIS) aims to build on ACJC engineering know-how and experience.

ACH aims to provide an exclusive platform from which customers can benefit from best in class products, tailored completion and service. Customers will benefit throughout the period of ownership from a concierge-style support service which, in addition to ensuring aircraft availability, will help preserve the aircraft’s resale value as a result of a dedicated care and support by the manufacturer.

ACH’s offering comes in three different product lines:

· ACH Line, based on Airbus Corporate Helicopters’ in-house style concept,

· ACH Exclusive, for those looking for a truly exclusive environment with the highest standards of refinement, luxury and comfort,

· ACH Editions, a portfolio of ACH special collaborations and partnerships with luxury brands and designers, ranging from Hermes to Mercedes Benz.

ACH will also introduce HCare First, a tailored version of HCare, providing a concierge-style support service anywhere across the globe.

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