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EBACE 2016: Airbus launches ACJ350 XWB
EBACE 2016: Airbus launches ACJ350 XWB
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EBACE 2016: Airbus launches ACJ350 XWB

Airbus is launching a new corporate-jet version of the A350 XWB airliner, with Easyfit provisions for cabin-outfitting. Called the ACJ350 XWB, it features 270 m2/2,910 ft2 of cabin space in the -900 version. The ultra-long range variant can fly 25 passengers up to 10,800 nm/20,000 km or 22 hours.

Widebodies such as the ACJ350 offer the equivalent of several houses of floorspace, so creating cabins that meet demanding certification rules can be challenging, especially when they are installed within a fuselage made of new materials such as carbonfibre.

Airbus has thus chosen to pre-equip the carbonfibre fuselage of the ACJ350 with hundreds of attachment points, greatly simplifying the work of cabin-outfitters. It has also worked extensively with several cabin outfitters to ensure smooth completions for customers.

Other ACJ350 features include fly-by-wire controls, centralised maintenance and extensive use of weight and maintenance-saving materials.

In addition, the ACJ350 XWB delivers, as standard, new features such as an onboard airport navigation system (OANS) and a runway overrun prevention system (ROPS), an aid for pilots that helps to prevent runway excursions, especially in challenging weather.

Lufthansa Technik has unveiled its new interior concept, called “Welcome Home”, specially developed for the new Airbus ACJ offering. The concept, which emphasizes a comprehensive approach towards health and well-being on-board, promotes flexible areas for privacy or family time.

The company says it wanted to move away from the continual addition of box type rooms and instead create more flexible areas that can be opened and combined for better social interaction and closed for full privacy if so desired. One of the more notable features is a large SPA area in the aft of the cabin with a humidifying water feature, steam bath, massage shower and massage table.

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