Dubai Airshow 2019
Dubai Airshow 2019: Mubadala rationalizes its MRO business activity with Sanad © Gulf News

| Alexandre Rocchi

Dubai Airshow 2019: Mubadala rationalizes its MRO business activity with Sanad

The Abu Dhabi Emirate government's Mubadala Investment fund has decided to rationalize its various activities in the MRO sector within a single subsidiary called Sanad.

United Arab Emirates are coming through several rationalizations, lately. After the launch of the Edge conglomerate in the Emirate of Dubai just a few days before the opening of the Dubai Airshow 2019, Mubadala — the investment fund or vehicle of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi — has rationalized its MRO business by merging Sanad Capital (formerly Sanad Aero Solutions), the aircraft parts leasing company; Sanad Aerotech, the MRO workshop for aircraft engines; and Sanad Powertech, specialized in energy and industrial MRO services. Besides, as part of the evolution of the business model and technical innovation, Sanad Powertech positioning will also see the organisation harness trends such as 3D printing, automation and Artificial Intelligence in its continued drive to create value for customers.

The Mubadala company also owns the MRO stakeholder SR Technics as well as the aero-structures manufacturer Strata — top supplier for Airbus, Boeing, Leonardo and recently Pilatus on the PC-24. In the space segment, Mubadala also manages the Yahsat telecommunications satellite and holds shares in the Virgin Orbit and Virgin Galactic programs.

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