Dubai Airshow 2019
Dubai Airshow 2019: Leonardo sells six helicopters and a simulator © Leonardo

| Alexandre Rocchi

Dubai Airshow 2019: Leonardo sells six helicopters and a simulator

Abu Dhabi Aviation orders five helicopters to Leonardo including its first AW169 and the related simulator to expand its activity capacity. During the Dubai Airshow, the Italian manufacturer sold another AW139 to Petroleum Air Services of Egypt as well.

The Dubai Airshow 2019 was the opportunity for Leonardo to sell five more helicopters to Abu Dhabi Aviation, one of the largest helicopter operators in the Middle East. The UAE operator ordered three more Leonardo AW139 helicopters and its first two AW169s. In addition, the Abu Dhabi Aviation Training Center will soon be equipped with a second Leonardo Helicopter Simulator. The Abu Dhabi Aviation Training Center already has equipment for Leonardo AW139 and will also benefit from a software update. This simulator will soon be joined by another for Leonardo AW169. This will allow the Abu Dhabi Aviation Center to expand its business volume. Deliveries of the five aircraft are scheduled for 2020. Abu Dhabi Aviation already operates a fleet of 16 Leonardo AW139s. As for the latter, the AW169 support and MRO will be carried out by AgustaWestland Aviations Services, a joint venture of Abu Dhabi Aviation and Leonardo.

Meanwhile, the Italian manufacturer got another order for a AW139. Indeed, Petroleum Air Services of Egypt will add a sixth AW139 intermediate twin helicopter to its fleet by year end. The aircraft will be used to perform offshore transport operations in Egypt support expansion plans for future offshore transport activities and exploration in the Eastern area of the Mediterranean Sea.

Leonardo recalls the global fleet of AW139s has amassed over 2.5 million flight hours with over 1000 aircraft delivered.

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