Dubai Airshow 2019
Dubai Airshow 2019: Ghana re-launches airline with Boeing 787-9s © Boeing

| Alexandre Rocchi

Dubai Airshow 2019: Ghana re-launches airline with Boeing 787-9s

During the Dubai Airshow 2019, the Republic of Ghana signed a Memorandum of Understanding to get three Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. The country indeed intends to re-launch a national airline.

On November 19, the Republic of Ghana showed its intention to re-launch a national airline by signing a MoU for three Boeing 787-9 aircraft with a list price value of $877.5 million. “There is a growing demand for air travel to and from Ghana and we believe the advanced 787-9 Dreamliner gives us an efficient and flexible machine to launch a regional network and eventually serve international destinations in the future”, said Joseph Kofi Adda, Honorable Minister of Aviation and Member of Parliament, Republic of Ghana. The Boeing 787-9 seems indeed to attract airlines lately. Besides, Emirates performed a conversion to get 30 of them.

Adda says the carrier, to be based in Accra, would establish the capital city as a strategic hub that serves cities across West Africa. Future routes would include destinations in Europe, North America and Asia and the long-term plan is to open the airline to private investment and operation.

Dubai Airshow 2019 Boeing Boeing 787-9 Ghana Boeing Dreamliner

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