Dubai Airshow 2019: Elettronica, SteelRock and Invisible Interdiction focus on counter-UAV systems
Dubai Airshow 2019: Elettronica, SteelRock and Invisible Interdiction focus on counter-UAV systems
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| Alexandre Rocchi

Dubai Airshow 2019: Elettronica, SteelRock and Invisible Interdiction focus on counter-UAV systems

During the Dubai Airshow, several companies presented their anti-drone vision and solutions. Whilst Invisible Interdiction focused on neutralization, Elettronica and SteelRock also displayed detection systems.


During the Dubai Airshow, three stakeholders of the counter-UAV market presented their solutions.


Thus, the Italian company Elettronica has come to show its know-how introducing different solutions including ADRIAN. A technology aptly named since ADRIAN stands for Anti-Drone Interception Acquisition Neutralization. A system that is therefore comprehensive, enabling the detection and neutralization of remote-controlled aircraft — many of which present at the Dubai Airshow 2019. The ADRIAN system use several sensors, including radar and EO/IR cameras, to detect the presence of a UAV in the monitored area. Countermeasures can then be activated to neutralize the aircraft, such as jamming. A hacking technology is also available in order to interrupt the activity of the operator. Finally, it is also possible to access the GPS system of the drone (spoofing) to take control. In order to limit the error rate in the detection phase, an algorithmic discrimination system was developed by Elettronica to differentiate the drones of birds. In addition, it is possible to determine if the RPAS carries a payload and identify its degree of dangerousness, especially if it is an explosive device.

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But Elettronica is not the only European company present at the Dubai Airshow to introduce counter-UAV solutions. The British company SteelRock has come with two different type of systems: the NightFighter and ODIN. The first one is a portable countermeasure system to combat fixed-wing and rotary-wing drones. It can neutralize radio-frequency communications connecting the aircraft to its control station. Different versions of the system are available, with ranges from a few meters to several kilometers. Thus the NightFighter O can create a protection bubble within a radius of 100 meters from the person carrying the device while the NightFighter L has a range of 5 km. If NightFighter systems are based on neutralization technologies, SteelRock’s ODIN system offers a wider protection against UAVs by integrating detection solutions. The fusion of the data collected from the various sensors makes it possible to locate and track the drone once detected.

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As for Invisible Interdiction, this U.S. company has developed different types of jammers to be used in different contexts. Three models are thus proposed by the company. A system of 3 kilos, which can be carried by hand by the operator, allows to neutralize drones within a radius of 2 km. A second system can be integrated on a rifle, in order to add a neutralization capability. The Commercial Module Integration solution can be installed on different vectors and enables to target with accuracy, without disrupting the electronic devices in the vicinity. Invisible Interdiction has also developed a jamming system that can be integrated into a comprehensive anti-drone solution. It is therefore possible to connect detection and identification solutions to this system. Able to deal with both isolated UAVs or a swarm, Invisible Interdiction jamming technologies are used by the U.S. military. Now the company wants to target new markets such as the Middle East. “There is a major need in the region”, the company reports. Especially since the neutralization systems developed make it possible to meet the requirements of the military as well as those of managers of prisons and sensitive sites, airports or public events.

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