DroneShield unveils the DroneGun MKIII
DroneShield unveils the DroneGun MKIII
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DroneShield unveils the DroneGun MKIII

DroneShield developed a new handheld anti-drone solution.

The Australian company DroneShield unveiled a new anti-drone solution named DroneGun MKIII. This handheld solution completes the already existing technologies of the company.

The DroneGun MKIII is the extension of DroneShield’s products and can be used in parallel with the RfPatrol (a handheld detection system) or the DroneSentinel (for drone detection). It adopts a gun shape and weighs 2 kg, enabling a simplified transport and setting. This handheld jammer acts on the communication system between drones and ground stations.

This miniaturized version of DroneShield’s systems has a range of 500 meters. It completes the company’s portfolio which also offers solutions with a range of 2 km such as the DroneGun Tactical. The system has been introduced on occasion of July 14 and is currently used by the French Army.

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