Deployment of an anti-drone microwave system © Raytheon

| Alexandre Rocchi

Deployment of an anti-drone microwave system

Raytheon will provide the U.S. Air Force with a microwave-based anti-drone control system.

On September 24, Raytheon announced that a prototype microwave system would be provided to the USAF. This solution will be used in the counter-UAV fight to protect troops on the ground but also ships.

This technology use a high-power microwave emitted toward drones in order to interrupt communications with the ground station and destroy electronics on board. The advantage of the system is that it can be implemented against a swarm and thus neutralize several drones simultaneously.

Even though it is the first prototype microwave system for the USAF, the air force already has a laser solution, also developed by Raytheon for the anti-drones fight. These systems, HPM and HEL, can also be used jointly to reinforce the protection zone.

Anti-drone USAF Raytheon

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