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Delta orders 100 Airbus A321neos
Delta orders 100 Airbus A321neos
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Delta orders 100 Airbus A321neos

Delta has won a hotly contested order from Delta Air Lines for 100 A321neos powered by Pratt & Whitney geared turbofan engines.

Delta Air Lines has placed an order with Airbus for 100 A321neos in Airbus Cabin Flex (ACF configuration). The aircraft will be powered by Pratt & Whitney PW1133G-JM geared turbofan engines.

The result of the contest with Boeing's 737 MAX had been keenly awaited, following Boeing's complaint about unfair pricing of the Bombardier C Series after the Canadian aircraft had been selected by Delta. The complaint resulted in heavy import tarifs being imposed on the C Series programme, and contributed to the fact that the programme is now majority-owned by Airbus. The C Series is also powered by Pratt & Whitney geared turbofans.

Most of the aircraft will be manufactured in Airbus' facility in Mobile, Alabama. The airline has taken delivery of 13 U.S.-manufactured Airbus aircraft since last year. Coincidentally, the 50th aircraft to be produced by the Airbus U.S. Manufacturing Facility will be delivered to Delta later this week.

Delta has already ordered a total of 117 A321s in the current engine option (ceo) configuration, all powered by CFM56 engines from CFM International. As of the end of November, Delta was flying a fleet of 196 Airbus aircraft, including 150 A320 Family members, 42 A330 widebodies, and four A350 XWB aircraft. 

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