Delair-Tech, microdrones officialise partnership
Delair-Tech, microdrones officialise partnership
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Delair-Tech, microdrones officialise partnership

Delair-Tech, a specialist in professional fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and microdrones, the German developer of industrial-grade multicopters, have officially signed a partnership agreement. Following the recent acquisition of Trimble's Gatewing unit by Delair-Tech, the new agreement formally establishes an industrial UAV alliance that claims to be one of the biggest players on the professional UAV scene.

Delair-Tech and microdrones - which recently announced they would jointly become official UAS suppliers for Trimble’s worldwide distribution network - will propose an extensive range of products, including rotary and fixed wing vehicles. The objective is to create a professional line of UAVs, from a single provider, that can fulfill all commercial UAV needs across a wide range of industries.

The two partners will market these new drones through their respective distribution networks. Thanks to their combined production facilities and collaborative research and development, Delair-Tech and microdrones say they will immediately begin enhancing their range of products to be more efficient, reliable, and economical. These initiatives will ultimately reduce purchase costs for customers.

As part of this new partnership, the companies have collaboratively developed a product roadmap that includes plans for:

  • intelligent grouping of payloads and sensors;

  • development of a common ground control station (software and hardware) that will be able to control the entire range of products;

  • implementing beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) capabilities on multirotor UAVs.

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