Defence : Sabena technics makes acquisitions in MOC
Defence : Sabena technics makes acquisitions in MOC

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Defence : Sabena technics makes acquisitions in MOC

After AeroTech Pro, Sabena technics also acquired Aeromecanic. Its operations consolidates Sabena technics positions in military segment and in Maintenance in Operational Condition (MOC).

Sabena Technics : two small businesses on two weeks.

In fifteen days, Sabena technics acquired two french small businesses from maintenance segment, which are very active in military and MOC components. After AeroTech Pro, Sabena technics acquired Aeromecanic- now Sabena technics MRS. The last company is located in Marignane Airport, and is specialized in maintenance for military aircrafts and helicopters, with industrial sites near Airbus Helicopters. Including 3000m2 of hangars as well as workshops : engines, sheet metal work, avionics, wheels & brakes and painting.


MOC for helicopters

« With its capabilities, its recognized know-how and strategic location, Aeromecanic represents for us an opportunity to strengthen durably our position in the military helicopter maintenance market » declares Philippe Rochet, Chief Executive Officer of Sabena technics’ Group. Sabena technic already has a investment plan : Marignage surface will be doubled « to respond to clients and partners requests ».


Consolidation and strengthening of the supply chain

In a interview to Air & Cosmos in September (Air & Cosmos n°2702), head of Aeronautical Maintenance Directorate (DMAé) of the French Armed Forces Ministry, Armament General Inspector Monique Legrand-Larroche, said she was, due to covid-2019 crisis, concerned about « the fragility of our supply chain, as suppliers generally have a dual activity. They certainly supply military aeronautics, but also mainly civil aeronautics. So there remains a concern about the fragility and the survival of this industrial chain which is necessary to the armed forces. ».  Sabena technics acquisitions are part of the consolidation strategy to strengthen French MOC’s supply chain.

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