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Crash: Ukraine International loses a Boeing 737-800
Crash: Ukraine International loses a Boeing 737-800
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| Alexandre Rocchi

Crash: Ukraine International loses a Boeing 737-800

A Boeing 737-800 belonging to the airline Ukraine International crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran airport, according to Iranian media reporting technical issues.

Boeing did not need that. Ukrainian International Airlines flight PS752 crashed shortly after departure from Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport at 06:12 local time. The crash of a Boeing 737-800 highlights, once again, the crisis experienced by Boeing which is also dealing with the 737 MAX grounding. The Iranian media have put forward “technical issues” to explain the accident of the Boeing 737-800 belonging to Ukrainian International Airlines which had 176 people, passengers and crew, on board. No one is likely to have survived. The Boeing 737-800 was on is way back for Kiev. It was then in its ascent phase, a few minutes after takeoff. The recovery of the two “black boxes” (flight data and cockpit voice recorders) will allow us to learn more about the real causes of the disaster.

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