Contract Notice for A340s maintenance
Contract Notice for A340s maintenance
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Contract Notice for A340s maintenance

The French Ministry of the Armed Forces issued a contract notice to award a MCO contract for the Air Force A340s.

The French Ministry of the Armed Forces, and more specifically the DMAé (Directorate of Aeronautical Maintenance), published in the official bulletin on July 24 a contract notice for the Air Force’s A340s MCO (“Maintien en condition opérationnelle” or maintenance in operational condition). The MinArm wishes to select a company to be in charge of the maintenance and support of two A340-200s and two medevac kits.

In order to guide the potential candidates, the Ministry of the Armed Forces has specified its need and the services that will have to be performed. On the one hand, the manufacturer must provide technical support for the equipment as well as “the MCO services set out in the manufacturer's maintenance manual, with preventive and corrective maintenance on the cells and equipment (including the engines) and replenishment of spare parts”, details the website of the official bulletin of public contract announcements. The contract also includes the management of the continuing airworthiness, the implementation of various cabin configurations for the conduct of various missions related to the A340 fleet. “As an indication, forecasts of aviation activity over the coming years are an average of 2,800 hours per year for the entire fleet”, says the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

Manufacturers willing to participate in this call for tenders have until September 16 to submit their application.

Within the French Air Force, the A340s are mainly used for transport missions and can carry up to 44 tons of freight or 279 passengers. Both aircraft belong to the 3/60 Estérel Transport Squadron, stationed at Creil Air Base 110.

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